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8 Responses to “About”

  1. mary august Says:

    I have a fraudulent mental health exam
    by a dr. stephen s meharg in longview washington. This is now being used by
    cps to state that I can never parent a child
    science fraud of mmp2 test used to produce
    false positives and falisfied reports of child protecitve services – to compile the fraudulent report.
    I will post my report on roxanne grinnage web site

    Mary August

    1. The Helper's friend Says:

      Then get a lawyer. Go to this site for good info…

      You have to be a threat to yourself or other people, not just having problems. Even SCOTUS has upheld that. If you can respond to a medical problem with your kid, they cannot stop you at all, and no one can forbid even a RSO from having children.

      My honey has been thru 15 CPS interviews, me with her 8, they are usually based on lies, people call in for vengeance. Her ex-husband (dishonorable discharge), mother (anti-social), and one kid’s bf and the Mormons he associates with contrived all of them.

      Each investigation put us into the clear.

      Fight back. BTW, w/o a judge’s order, no one can compel you to let them into the house in most states. Tell them to fuck off.

  2. Jerry Lewis Says:

    I have been dealing with these people for so many years now , I almost feel neglected when I’m not being swarmed , followed , watched etc. What I find the most disturbing in my situation is their ability to manipulate personal information, falsify medical reports ,destroy medical records , deny medical treatment etc. Once you lose the ability to earn money and are denied access to programs that you have funded and are eligible for that’s when the hopeless of all this really bites you on the ass.
    I’ve always tried to be a fighter , maintaining that every time you knock me down , I’ll find a way to get back up, but I now must concede. My only hope is that after I’m gone public awareness of this activity will demand it be stopped .
    Jerry Lewis

  3. Rachel Macy Says:

    Looking for Targeted Individuals, people who have been gangstalked, mobbed at their place of employment and the like for a docuseries. Please email me for more information –

    1. The Helper's friend Says:

      Try gangstalking at world press. Most victims go there, site owner was sexually harassed and stalked at work, and at school.

  4. Blondell Simmons Says:

    Can you help me find a lawyer in the Philadelphia are for psychological abuse mental and emotional stress. A guy that works at my treatment center uses his position to mentally and emotionally beat me down with other females because I would not date him, he has a baby by one worker, dating another and getting oral sex when he can by a could of other participants. I have an investigation with CBH that isn’t going anywhere. This guy has been spying on my home and past relationship for over a year. The director and slew of her staff participated in this harassment with disregard to my wellbeing on a daily basis. Blondell Simmons 215 470-0228. I am in dire need from this situation. Any assistance you would provide

  5. d parker Says:

    my flat started being fumigated in 2012, 3 days after I realized our family was being attacked psychologically by my mothers family over the death of my mums sister in 1970s, my mum is being blamed and punished for that tragic accident. me and my siblings have been scapegoated to pay the price for my aunts death, my other auntie told me she is worth 3 of yous, at that time I did not realize what the significance was, could not put my finger on it, along with a whole catalogue of incidents and so called accidents. what is described on this website is near enough the same treatment I have had since I tried to ask if what I have realized was right or wrong, which makes it all the more clear the bleak conclusion I have arrived at through lived experience and written regression. they are trying to have me labeled mentally ill and using the mistakes they have cunningly engineered me to make, have brainwashed the parochial authorities and community to act accordingly and unleash a sadistic psychological abuse campaign. I hoped I was wrong about all this but sadley iam right. don’t know what to do or who to turn to, just have to keep hoping and praying for a peaceful resolution to all this.

  6. Brandy stonebraker Says:

    I maybe a gang stalking victim now I’m not sure I reported a crime where my privacy was being evad ed about 4hrs ago. My world fell apart when I walked into police department some minor crime where personal stuff was stolen and they tucked my head up bad for snitching yea I guess. Anyway my health has gotten worse and I still can’t escape i don’t know after 4yrs of being threatened or walking into pd i still haven’t made away from them and they have gotten to my family who use to b supportive but after the group of prostitutes poisoning my family minds against me it’s not got easier being bullied everyday by casino executes that my father trusts. I’m jus tired of following there rules they convinced my parents not to let me drive and help in my abusive ex control by saying I can have money so stereotypical but impossible right now for me escape and longer it goes harder it is to see embarrassment in takin i want my life bck!!!

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